User Reviews For: My Little Brother's Got Me by the Balls


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OzawaShuri Rating
The stories are not bad, bit disappointed with the brothers story and the old man story, they ended so fast I wanted to see more of them
Waterbaby09 Rating
If I could I would gladly give a higher rating
squarechestnut Rating
I originally intended to just rent this one, since it only has few reviews and I didn't much like the first story. But after checking the rest, I had to change my mind and buy it. It was flooded with hot stuff that it's hard to proceed to the next story without heaving for air! It was so good and filled with crazy sexiness.The reason why I did not give it the other star was because some stories here forget to use consent first when someone wants to do it. It kills off the vibe. But other than that, the drawings are great! It's still worth reading.
Mouse Rating
Fantastic! The first story about the brothers instantly shot up to one of my top favorites. It was so, so, so yummy. I love it when the bottom is a tease and gets possessive/aggressive. I'd love to see more of the brothers in the future. The other stories were ok, but the first story alone was enough for me to give this five stars. ?
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