A Gift for the Groom

The day of her wedding rehearsal, Analise runs off to defend the innocence of her fiance's father. She argues with Nick, the private detective she hired, and insists on joining him as he pursues the truth. Nick is shocked by Analise's insistence, but as the two of them chase down the culprit, Analise finds herself falling for him, despite her engagement to Lucas. When Analise learns of the existence of a woman who looks exactly like her, she knows it can't be a coincidence!


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A Gift for the Groom On the Way to a Wedding... II

Nick makes her feel strong and courageous. If only he were her fiance...[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Keiko Okamoto original novel : Sally Carleen Publisher : Harlequin series : On the Way to a Wedding...- 2 -

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