At the End of the Day

One early morning in London, Julia rescues a cold, crying kitten. While doing so, she has a strange yet pleasant encounter with a man who was trying to do the same thing. When Julia reunites with him days later during an interview for a secretarial position, she's rendered speechless. What are the odds that the man she met that day would be Professor van der Wagema, her prospective employer? Although he's the same man, he treats Julia completely differently during the interview. He's cruel and cold, to the point that Julia wonders if she only imagined him in the morning mist. During her weeklong wait for the interview results, she spends time at her parents' home. Little does she know, she'll reunite with him there, too!


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At the End of the Day

Is this mere coincidence, good luck or bad luck? Julia's answer will depend on him...[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Nina Hatori original novel : Betty Neels Publisher : Harlequin

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