Our School Nurse is a Major Perv (I Hate Him but He Wants Me!?)

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I knew you wanted to be violated by me. He licks Yasuki all over, claiming that he's disinfecting him... what kind of treatment is this!?

Yasuki loves sports and constantly ends up in the nurse's office for his injuries, but he wants little to do with the hot and popular school nurse, Mr. Ikeda. Not wanting to get involved, Yasuki shows Mr. Ikeda no interest, but ends up getting kissed for some bizarre reason!? Wait, what does Mr. Ikeda mean he'll "treat" his lower body!? He's going too far...! Not only is the school nurse hot, but a major perv! Boy, is Yasuki in for it!!


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Uti no Hokeni wa Hentai Yarou Kiraina Aitsu ga Orenerai

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Our School Nurse is a Major Perv (I Hate Him but He Wants Me!?)

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May 17, 2020 (JST)
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