And the Bride Wore Black

Fabia hates billionaire playboys like Alex. Ever since she was played by a wealthy man when she was a teenager, she thinks all billionaires are the same. So when Alex talks to her at a party, she mocks him in front of everyone. In spite of their confrontation, Alex tracks Fabia down and asks her to be his Christmas girlfriend. She has her own reasons for accepting his offer, but she's no closer to understanding why he chose her. She promised herself she'd never fall for another wealthy man, and now she's hoping she hasn't gotten herself in over her head!


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And the Bride Wore Black

She was chosen by a billionaire to be his Christmas girlfriend![130pages]
Pages: 130
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Natsu Momose original novel : Helen Brooks Publisher : Harlequin

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