The Groom, I Presume?

Maribeth can't believe her fiance's betrayal. Bobby eloped yesterday with another woman, and tomorrow was supposed to be their wedding day! Maribeth is at a loss until Chris, the couple's longtime friend, makes an outlandish suggestion. What if they go ahead with the wedding with him as the groom? It might just be a risk worth taking. Maribeth's wounds are gradually healed by the strong yet gentle support that Chris has always given her. Their marriage is a based on friendship...but is she falling in love with Chris?


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The Groom, I Presume? Daughters of Texas III

Maribeth's fiance betrayed her the day before their wedding![129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Karin Miyamoto original novel : Annette Broadrick Publisher : Harlequin series : Daughters of Texas- 3 -

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