Tycoon's Ring of Convenience

"I want to protect the estate my father left behind." That's the wish Diana carries in her heart to get her through tough times. One day, Nikos Tramontes, a young, wealthy businessman, promises to grant her wish. He tells Diana that in order to enter high society he needs her lineage, and proposes a two-year marriage contact in exchange for a substantial amount of money. Ever since her mother abandoned her and her father, Diana has stopped believing in love, and agrees to his proposal in order to protect the estate, thinking she can resist the dangers of falling in love. However, she has no idea of the things he is planning in secret...


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Tycoon's Ring of Convenience

This fake marriage was what I wanted... But then why does my heart ache?[129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Ayumu Aso original novel : Julia James Publisher : Harlequin

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