The Wild Student is My Neighbor!? -Can We Do It All Night?-

"I found your weak spot."

His fingers keep rubbing me in all my sensitive areas... He's going to make me...!
I'm Akane, and I've been teaching for a few years. One day, a transfer student, Kei Sakuraba, joins the class. He is a friendly and nice young man. As luck would have it, he happens to move in next door, too! I'm surprised, but he seems nice enough... or so I thought. It turns out he's an aggressive meanie who loves to toy with me. "Are you that excited? You're quivering, you know," he says, as he shows another side of himself outside of the classroom. His tongue teases me, as he plunges inside me, over and over. Every time we're alone, he pounces like a wild beast. It's so wrong, but it feels soooo good...!

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The Wild Student is My Neighbor!? -Can We Do It All Night?- (1)

Kei Sakuraba, a transfer student, joins my class. And he's my new neighbor!? He's a well-behaved young man...or is he? Turns out, he's a wild animal who can't wait to pounce. I know we shouldn't, but I can't help it...![27pages]
Pages: 27
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The Wild Student is My Neighbor!? -Can We Do It All Night?- (2)

Kei Sakuraba is just a predator and a bully... but I can't stop thinking about him... I know I shouldn't, and yet I can't say no... How does he know what my body wants? He's in total control... and I just want more...![27pages]
Pages: 27
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author : Hino Tsutsura publisher : Bevy Yajuu na Seito ha Otonari-san Asa made H shitemo Daijoubu dayone

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