The King's Bride

Lizzie's great-aunt was once a famous actress, and she had a deep connection with the Kingdom of Voltavia and its former king. Lizzie, a historian, decides that she wants to gather all of her great-aunt's stories about the king into a book. She pushes the present king, Daniel, for an interview but is rebuffed. Later, however, the dejected Lizzie receives a surprise in the mail: an invitation to a ball, from King Daniel himself. Lizzie arrives at the ball in high spirits but in the midst of her encounter with the king, he suddenly steals a kiss!


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The King's Bride

Lizzie arrived at the ball in high spirits. Then, suddenly, King Daniel stole a kiss![129pages]
Pages: 129
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artist : Keiko Okamoto original novel : Lucy Gordon Publisher : Harlequin

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