All I Want Is You -A Reunion with a Wild Childhood Friend-

"Your body doesn't seem to disagree with this, though?"

Kotoko works hard, but never really gets any recognition for it. Back when she was a child, she promised to marry her friend, but those days are long gone. These days, she gets told she isn't very feminine or attractive at all. After getting fed up with this, she agrees to go on a group date where she drinks too much and a guy has to take care of her... who she then spends the night with. Of course, she tries to forget it and move on, but that guy ends up asking if she recognizes him...! Is he her childhood friend!? He brings up the promise they made as they end up in situations she never expected to find herself in with him. But, she enjoys it more than she ever thought she would!

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All I Want Is You -A Reunion with a Wild Childhood Friend- (1)

Kotoko ends up having a one-night stand with a guy on a group date after a night of too much drinking. She then meets the same guy later on and he asks if she recognizes him... surely he can't be her childhood friend!?[27pages]
Pages: 27
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All I Want Is You -A Reunion with a Wild Childhood Friend- (2)

With Kei having come to the office, it doesn't take too long before other office employees start asking about his love life. Witnessing this, it slowly becomes impossible for Kotoko to hold back her true feelings...[27pages]
Pages: 27
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author : Jimo Fujinomiya publisher : Bevy Dakitai no ha Omae dake Nikusyoku Osananajimi to Saikai Sex

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