User Reviews For: All I Want Is You -A Reunion with a Wild Childhood Friend-


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ssmiles Rating
A very very common and boorish storyline. Childhood friends, grown into adult that were separated in their teen years. They meet again. He forces himself on her and confusion and then confession and then happy ever after. A general store not worth the money.
antiem Rating
I enjoyed this story, but it had a couple of skips. It should be spread out a little more so the story can develop. So I gave it 3 stars instead of 5. I will probably re-read and add the missing pieces on my own.Ps how was moving in together going to work if he was moving back to HQ? Was HQ in the same city? Did he know she was in the branch because he saw a list of employees? These questions need to be answered.
Naner Rating
There's no flow, the concept is alright but it isn't executed well. The art is inconsistent and the Heroine's personality doesn't make sense.
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