Mistress of La Rioja

Sophie fell in love the moment she met Luis de la Camara. However, when she learned that he was a billionaire and her cousin's fiance, her love wilted before it could fully bloom. Three years later, she gets a phone call with the horrible news that her cousin has died in a car accident. Drowning in sorrow, Sophie sets off for Spain to attend the funeral and finds Luis waiting for her. He's even more charming than he was before, and the emotions Sophie had hidden away start to bubble up to the surface. But she has to force them down. Luis is the newly widowed husband of her cousin!


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Mistress of La Rioja

The feelings I had hidden away are too strong to keep a secret any longer.[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Miyako Fujiomi original novel : Sharon Kendrick Publisher : Harlequin

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