This Hopeless Boss Just Wants to Get Laid

"I only played with you a little... and you're already this soft."

Mr. Haruno is a CE.O. who likes to relieve his day-to-day stress by getting men to bang him as he moans in ecstasy. One day, his no-nonsense secretary, Mr. Hosoda, catches him mid-hookup...! Not only does his partner of the day run away, but his hole's also been left hungry and twitching... What's Mr. Hosoda gonna do about it!? Well, it turns out his secretary is happy to oblige. Mr. Haruno teases him at first - how can someone so uptight be any good at this? But, Mr. Hosoda's long, slick fingers know exactly where to go... "Ah! No! I'm gonna...!!" After a while, however, fingers just aren't enough. He needssomething girthier... So why won't Mr. Hosoda give it to him? He just can't get no satisfaction...! "Hurry up and take me!!"


This Hopeless Boss Just Wants to Get Laid (1)

C.E.O. Mr. Haruno relieves his stress by getting random guys from the office to bang him hard while he screams in pleasure. One day, his uptight secretary catches him in the act...![27pages]
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author : Chawan publisher : Bevy Dame sugiru Shachou ha Mesuiki shinaito Manzoku shinai

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