Nell's Cowboy Heart of Texas 5

Nell has been looking after the ranch on her own since her husband passed away three years ago. One day, well-known author Travis Grant comes to town on a fact-finding mission after hearing a story about a ghost town. Not knowing who he is, Nell scolds him when she sees him taking pictures on the outskirts of town amid an oncoming storm. Though they aren't off to a good start, Nell ends up letting Travis stay on the ranch when he can't find a room anywhere else. As the two spend more time together, they can't help it as their feelings for each other grow deeper...


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Nell's Cowboy Heart of Texas 5

Their first encounter was unpleasant, but their feelings for each other are only growing deeper...[146pages]
Pages: 146
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artist : Kaoru Shinozaki original novel : Debbie Macomber Publisher : Harlequin series : Heart of Texas- 5 -

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