The Engagement Deal

"You're just a boy-crazy little kid!" Niall had called her. Holly was hurt when the man of her dreams treated her like a child. Now, ten years later, she's an independent woman working as a doctor. However, she still hasn't forgotten the events of that night. Unaware or perhaps simply unconcerned about Holly's emotional scars, Niall makes a sudden, unbelievable proposal. "The truth is, my parents are hounding me to hurry up and get married. Would you pretend to be my fiancee?" For a moment, Holly is left speechless, but Niall's arrogance leads her to blurt out, "I'm not the kid I was ten years ago! I can play the part of your fiancee, no problem!"


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The Engagement Deal

Unaware or perhaps unconcerned about her emotional scars, he makes a sudden, unbelievable proposal![97pages]
Pages: 97
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artist : Tsukiko Kurebayashi original novel : Kim Lawrence Publisher : Harlequin

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