The Beast That Yearns to be Tamed

Arata's a college student working as a "big brother for rent."
One day, he meets his new client, Junta, who looks like a total tough guy!!
Arata wonders if this is some sort of trap to get his money, but what Junta wants is for someone to pat him on the head.
Seeing someone this hot go bright red and be so vulnerable is turning Arata on... Junta's just so adorable... what's going on here!!?

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The Beast That Yearns to be Tamed (1)

Arata loves his job as a "big brother for rent." He's only had female clients so far, until one day, a tough-looking dude named Junta asks him to be his big brother! Who knew seeing a rugged hottie blush would be so adorable...!?[37pages]
Pages: 37
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The Beast That Yearns to be Tamed (2)

At school and at home, Junta never seems to take a break. People see him as the tough one, the caretaker, the protector... No wonder he can't seem to forget how Arata's hands felt on him, even though he thinks he wants to.[38pages]
Pages: 38
Rent (48hrs) : $

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The Beast That Yearns to be Tamed (3)

The gang decides to play their usual annual week long of games. Usa challenges Ritsu to chess and discovers she hates losing. Ritsu asks Usa for rematches until she beats him.[36pages]
Pages: 36
Rent (48hrs) : $

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The Beast That Yearns to be Tamed (4)

As Arata's words sink in, Junta has trouble processing what he can only assume is bad news. Caught between his own feelings and not wanting to burden Arata with them, Junta has no idea what to do...[35pages]
Pages: 35
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Yuitsu publisher : Brite Publishing Amaetai Kemono

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