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urara Rating
It's just the first chapter and I'm already in love...Yuitsu-sensei's realistic and detailed art is superb! I really like the way sensei draws her characters especially the eyes and lips, Junta is so cool, cute and adorable~! Can't wait for the next chapter! I'm excited to know more about Arata and Junta!!
kittywitty Rating
I love this series so far (chp 3)!! The art is beautiful, the characters are great (if you like gap moe this is for you!!), and I like that while the story is well done with some character growth, there's also plenty of spicy sex scenes. I highly recommend, and hope that Yuitsu gets more work translated!!
eunjaexbl Rating
Beautiful story so far with a tough-looking guy who just wants someone to rely on and be comforted, and a nice guy who wants to be able to take care of somebody. The art style is different from regular mangas, it's more realistic but even so the characters look handsome and adorable. It's fluffy and slow-paced but it's not a problem since it really fits the story and it makes you more and more excited for the development of their relationship. I am stoked for the next chapter ! ^^ Kudos to the author
HopeStark Rating
So adorable
Zaryah5 Rating
It's good so far! Really excited to see what's to come in upcoming chapters and totally didn't expect one of them to be in high school.
hanandduke Rating
kkazpy Rating
Even though I was expecting it, the first appearance of Junta still took me by surprise. Dark hair slicked back in a leather jacket in jeans wearing an intense expression. My mind went blank. 'Wow, he really is beast like.' I quickly fell in love. The innocent charm that was contrary to his looks had me hooked from the first chapter on. The recent chapter made my lip quiver. This is my first time buying manga ever and I believe I have made an excellent choice. Sensei uses incredible art to make the characters facial expressions so lively and detailed yet grounded. Every chapter has me wanting more. The sex scenes have a level of intimacy that is somewhat rare in yaoi. Usually I scroll very fast but this manga made me stop and take my time to read. The pages are filled with the most necessary information, not clutter like you see in other works. Clutter is not necessarily bad but in this case less clutter definitely works in the manga's favor. Thank you for the excellent work done.
Niyeong Rating
It's very feel good. No noncon any anyway.
Arision Rating
The build up, the development, the CHEMISTRY! WOOF! I loved every page of this. Every character felt at least partially fleshed out, and The boys were so cute and relatable. Their chemistry was also nothing short of amazing, although Arata should probably work on his communication skills for the future. -laughs-I hope we get more from this author, as it was one of my new favorites!
exobubz Rating
I love the art style! And The story is interesting and I'm looking forward to more chapters ;;;; I wish it'd update faster, but I'll wait patiently
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