Valentine Vendetta

When her best friend comes to her begging for help, Fran Fisher can't find it in her heart to say no. Her friend wants to use Fran's job as a party coordinator to get revenge against Sam Lockhart, the man who took her virginity and then dumped her...and who happens to be hosting a charity event. Hoping the plan will help heal her friend's broken heart, Fran goes to Cambridge to win herself the role of Sam's party coordinator. But when she arrives at his house, she is shocked by his good looks and endearing personality. He is nothing like what she expected. Is he really a heartless and predatory womanizer like she was told?


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Valentine Vendetta

Is this man really the heartless womanizer she was warned about?[130pages]
Pages: 130
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artist : Miho Tomoi original novel : Sharon Kendrick Publisher : Harlequin

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