How a Good Boss Comforts His Staff

"I can't concentrate because my boss's body is too nice...!"
Aizumi is a reliable and excellent employee who can skillfully do all kinds of work thrown at him. But,he has two worries. One is that being too sociable and good at his job tends to make him an easy target for people to push work onto,and the other is that he is constantly bombarded by the thoughts of Tojo's (his boss's) body...! The alluring,manly body combined with Tojo's constant touchy-feely manner edges Aizumi's brimming desires close to explosion. One day,the two happen to do overtime and decide to have drinks at Aizumi's after. Using the power of alcohol,Aizumi acts out his desires on Tojo's chest! "Sorry... but I can't hold back anymore...!" It's a love story between a cute and handsome employee and his hot,hunky boss!


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How a Good Boss Comforts His Staff (1)

Aizumi's captivated by his boss Tojo's body. He's unsure how to handle these new feelings and urges. One night after work, the two end up drinking together at Aizumi's place...[36pages]
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How a Good Boss Comforts His Staff (2)

Aizumi can't seem to forget the hot, steamy events of last night. However, when he goes into work and everything seems completely normal, he finds that he can't concentrate. This prompts Tojo to call him in for a private chat...[35pages]
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author : Maro Irihi publisher : SHU-CREAM POP Dekiru Joushi no Nagusamekata

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