Slash Fiction Resolution [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

College student Meguru lives in the same dorm as his boyfriend Yuki, who he's been dating since high school. All they want is to have some couple time together, but not a day seems to go by without their dormmates ruining it for them! Eventually, though, they can escape to Okinawa to get some coveted alone-time. Spending every day in deep passion is glorious! Or, so it is until each of their arch-rivals show up in Okinawa, too!! Keep reading to see how this love rectangle ends! Includes bonus pages exclusive to the digital edition!

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Slash Fiction Resolution [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

College students Meguru and Yuki are desperate to have some hot, passionate time together... and it looks like they're about to on their trip to Okinawa! But, little do they know what lies in store for them there...[219pages]
Pages: 219
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author : Akino Shiina publisher : HOUBUNSHA Co.,Ltd series : Slash Fiction Friction- 4 - BL Arrival

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