Please Wait a Moment, Mr. Florist [Plus Bonus Pages]

author :

Hatoko Machiya


One day, after running into some bad luck, high schooler Sho Kamikura is helped out by the local florist. He's a kind, mature and handsome older man, or so Sho thinks until he starts getting gropey!
Try all he wants to give him the cold shoulder, Sho can't shake the florist's flirtatious advances
Sho's heart is singing a different tune, though, after seeing the florist in a weakened state...!!

Two bonus pages included at the end!!


Yaoi_MangaYounger_TopsAge_GapLocalized by RentaUpgrade Full Volume/Tankobon

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author :

Hatoko Machiya

publisher :

Taiyoh Tosho

Rating :


Japanese :

Chotto Matteyo Hanaya-san

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Please Wait a Moment, Mr. Florist [Plus Bonus Pages]

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Pages: 199

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