User Reviews For: Please Wait a Moment, Mr. Florist [Plus Bonus Pages]


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Lolli Rating
I just wanted to take a short look into this after buying it and couldn't stop reading until the end. Was really excited to see more from the author here. The story feels longer than the first book and both characters get time to grow and develop. The art style is a bit rougher in some scenes especially during funny moments but it's always fitting the atmosphere. It also contains a bit of drama and bad communication but nothing that bothers too much and is being solved rather quickly. The sex scenes are beautiful. I love how the author is drawing naked bodies. My favorite was the onsen resort scenes with both in yukata.Recommended to readers who love sweet, emotional couples and gorgeous art.
RikasGrayWolf Rating
The whole thing was lovely from beginning to end. I even came around to liking Tokio's ex because the final bonus 2 pgs were too funny and cute not to love. Definitely worth reading.
Kagehina Rating
A sweet and wholesome story! Love this mangaka's work.
Daekin Rating
This was a great story. Beautiful art, the characters are great, I loved the development, even though it was too short, in my opinion. I want more! They're just too sweet!
mirichan Rating
A simple premise that was well executed with likeable characters. The age gap and the fact that the younger character is still in high school is handled maturely. The art is incredible too. If you like this I really recommend "A Fool's Mountain Night", it's one of my favorites.
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