It Felt Good from the First Touch

"It feels so nice, I can't stop..." Okiya is regarded as both a reliable and kind-hearted senior coworker by those at his company. Okiya, however, has a secret ability up his sleeve. Armed with the ability to read people's emotions based on their aura, he is seamlessly able to build strong relations with his peers. One person that catches his eye, though, is a subordinate by the name of Koga. Though a socially awkward and expressionless member of the team, Koga emits a strong "aura of affection" towards Okiya, making him feel extremely pleasant to the point of wanting to reciprocate. One night, after one drink too many, Koga's aura makes Okiya feel so good that he renders him.... wanting something more...! A clumsy love story between an honest, unabashed subordinate, and his intelligent, beautiful senior coworker who both just want to "feel good".

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It Felt Good from the First Touch (1)

Okiya can sense people's emotions through their aura, which helps his relationships. What will happen when he senses his coworker's "special" emotions towards him!?[38pages]
Pages: 38
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It Felt Good from the First Touch (2)

A trip to the aquarium proves invaluable in helping Okiya and Koga better understand each other...[35pages]
Pages: 35
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It Felt Good from the First Touch (3)

Okiya and Koga take their relationship to the next level, but it doesn't take long for Okiya to start having doubts...[43pages]
Pages: 43
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It Felt Good from the First Touch (4)

Faced with an unexpected turn of events, Okiya has little choice but to put some distance between himself and Koga...[35pages]
Pages: 35
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author : Kannu Ogi publisher : SHU-CREAM POP Hureta Toko kara Kimochiii

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