I Want to Spoil You

author :

Nobiru Hoshi


Wataru Manaka lands a job with his dream company, only to be transferred to a department managed by the devil himself, Reiji Kenzaki. Wataru is scolded by his new supervisor day in and day out, and he wonders if he'll ever win Reiji's approval. While his co-workers get a reprieve from Reiji when they clock out, that's not the case for Wataru. Due to a financial crisis in Wataru's family, not only is Reiji his supervisor, but he's also his roommate! Through their shared living arrangement, Wataru slowly starts to see different sides to Reiji he never knew existed beyond his cold exterior. But, who knew Wataru would receive the praise he craves from Reiji at work, at home...!?


Yaoi_MangaBusinessmenCEOLocalized by Renta300pts-399pts

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author :

Nobiru Hoshi

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KiR comics

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Motto Kawaikunatte Ii

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