An Innocent, A Seduction, A Secret

Edie gasped at the unexpected reunion... Sebastio! Four years ago, she had visited a nightclub after mustering her courage, and fell in love with Sebastio at first sight, but then she was treated terribly and rejected without a second thought. So now, why did he suddenly offer me a job as a display designer? Four years ago, he was a star rugby player, but now he is a successful bank owner... He couldn't possibly have known I exist. I would never accept a job from him! However, due to pressure from the people around her, she ended up living in his mansion and working there...


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An Innocent, A Seduction, A Secret

Reunited with her tragic first love, who trampled upon her innocence...[129pages]
Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Sara Nakayama original novel : Abby Green Publisher : Harlequin

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