Director, Teach Me How You Do It -An Acting Class With An Adult Star-

Ishikawa became an adult film director because of his obsession with chests. One day, he's irritated at a shoot being delayed because male actor, Yamanaka, refuses to take his job seriously or improve his monotonous acting. The situation becomes more intense when Yamanaka catches Ishikawa playing with himself! Yamanaka corners Ishikawa and starts playing with sensitive areas on his chest, and when he sees Ishikawa's expression as he's about to finish, Yamanaka takes a liking to him. From then on, Ishikawa's sensitivity and chastity become his target. Before too long, Yamanaka pushes Ishikawa down and works on him with his well-trained fingers. Feeling good by a younger adult star's skills... This body can't take any more...!

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New Release: Jun 29, 2021 (JST)

Director, Teach Me How You Do It -An Acting Class With An Adult Star- (1)

Ishikawa, an adult film director, is self-conscious about his overly sensitive chest. One day he gets caught playing with himself by Yamanaka, a performer he doesn't get along with, and...[27pages]
Pages: 27
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author : Itsuki Sawa publisher : Bevy Kantoku Anta no Ana de Oshieteyo AV Danyuu to Engi no Lesson

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