Sorry! Everyone's Favorite Prince Is No Longer Innocent [VertiComix]

The long-awaited comic version of Monaka Toyama's novel is here!

One lonely Christmas Eve, Yoriko Fujieda, a talent production manager, discovers handsome high-school boy Taichi Ogino crying in the park. He agrees to join her agency, and like running a three-legged race, the pair stumble ahead through the entertainment industry. Seven years later, Taichi is a megastar! But, life isn't perfect. "It's your fault I still haven't done it, Yoriko..."

This is the story of a manager who takes responsibility to the next level.
Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!

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Chapter 21

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Ch.1 - Ch.20 Ch.21 - Ch.22

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author : Maru Ameno story : Monaka Toyama publisher : DeNIMO

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