CEO Yoh Hasumi Is About To Be Arrested! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Cocoon Continental Tokyo is a first class hotel. Ryosuke is a proud top of 28 years who works as a bellhop. He has bedded many men... and never had a regret. He is happy with his job since he can appreciate the men he fancies from all over the world, but that all changes when, one day, he winds up injuring Yo, the most infamous man in Japan at the moment. He finds himself in a position where he can't refuse Yo anything, but what will he do when Yo tells him he wants to get off inside him...!? A straight ideal man X a bellhop top. A battle of love with the pride of an executive employee of the hotel on the line!
* Includes a 5-page bonus comic exclusive to the digital edition.

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CEO Yoh Hasumi Is About To Be Arrested! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Pages: 251

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author : Unohana publisher : Takeshobo co.,ltd. Shachou Hasumi Yoh Taho Sunzen

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