You're Definitely The Cuter One

author :

Roji Akira


The non―stop lovey―dovey days of two old friends who fell in love!

Seiji and Kazuki became "lovers" just so they could both lose their innocence, but Seiji's long―time crush finally comes to fruition and they actually become a real couple!
Since they'd been roommates for many years, their daily routine hasn't changed, but by going out on dates and meeting each other's families, they create many precious memories...

This is the long―awaited continuation of the "You Know You're Cuter!" series, which is a love story between two working guys ― one who's hopelessly in love and the other who's super oblivious!


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author :

Roji Akira

publisher :

KiR comics

Series :

You Know You're Cuter!- 2 -

Rating :


Japanese :

Zettai Omae no Houga Kawaii Kuseni

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You're Definitely The Cuter One (1)

Pages: 35

You're Definitely The Cuter One (2)

Pages: 41

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