Teach Me About Love And Loosen Me Up

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Romance author Minami Osawa calls a massage service and is surprised when his massage therapist, Daichi Shibasaki, gives him a lot more than he expected!
What's more, Daichi's eyes light up when he learns that his client is the author he's admired since his school days...
In his early writing days, Minami resented his editor's suggestion to try his hand at male-on-male romance. He'd never had much passion for anything - in work or in his (mostly non-existent) personal life. He thought he didn't need love.
Meanwhile, though, the young masseur can't get enough of him!
This is a story about an author and his hardcore fan brought together by chance and misunderstanding. Is love really in the cards for them...?


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Ai wo Oshiete Naka Made Hogushite

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Teach Me About Love And Loosen Me Up

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January 05, 2023 (JST)
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