Yae is an unremarkable girl who temps for a living. She loses her home and job in one stroke and is, at 30, at her wits' end. Then her childhood friend Takumi appears before her. A good-looking, successful architect, he lives a glamorous life. In exchange for free accommodation in his skyscraper condo in the heart of Tokyo, Yae acts as his fake wife?! This is the story of a fake marriage to a smug, handsome architect!


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Kiwi Tokina

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Our Fake Marriage 1

Pages: 168

Our Fake Marriage 2

Pages: 170

Our Fake Marriage 3

Pages: 190

Our Fake Marriage 4

Pages: 170

Our Fake Marriage 5

Pages: 172

Our Fake Marriage 6

Pages: 163

Our Fake Marriage 7

Pages: 164

Our Fake Marriage 8

Pages: 174

Our Fake Marriage 9

Pages: 172

Our Fake Marriage 10

Pages: 170

Our Fake Marriage 11

Pages: 174

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