Shinkyu and Hounen make up the police force of Yarai City. It is rumored that Shinkyu used to be a hunter from the Guardians of the Zodiac, and Hounen the very beast that Shinkyu hunted. The two lived peacefully, managing the town's quarrels and gaining popularity through their personable disposition. When a mysterious traveler blows into town near the end of the year, the two are shouldered with a murder case. But, Hounen is instantly dragged back into his past when he detects a scent at the crime scene. What brought these former enemies, Shinkyu and Hounen, together? Who was the mysterious traveler who blew into town? Shinkyu and Hounen's partnership is needed now, more than ever, when both their relationship and their beloved town are on the line.


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Intai Nenju No Kofuku Na Seikatsu

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