Kabukicho Bad Trip

author :

Eiji Nagisa


Toru Miyama is the king of all hosts in Kabukicho, and not only does he have drop-dead looks, but he can also read people's minds. On his day off, he happens to bump into Mizuki Hikawa, a stunning male model that he secretly adores. Toru decides to read Mizuki's thoughts, and he finds out that he's really into S&M!

It's clear-cut that Mizuki wants to dominate Toru, but getting into S&M isn't as simple as he thinks. Mizuki only desires a partner that's truly into it, and he's willing to put Toru to the test to find out if he makes the cut!

The Special Edition of (Kabukicho Bad Trip) includes a bonus manga that was originally a booklet only available at Animate stores in Japan.
*A Regular Edition without this bonus manga is also available.
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author :

Eiji Nagisa

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Japanese :

Kabukicho Bad Trip

Localization by :

Animate International Co., Ltd.

Item List Current ch. 2 completed

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Kabukicho Bad Trip Volume 1

Pages: 181

(Regular Edition) Kabukicho Bad Trip Volume 2

Pages: 191

(Special Edition) Kabukicho Bad Trip Volume 2

Pages: 202

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