Joowon Kim is somewhat satisfied with his life despite his position as a temp worker after barely making it out of a diploma mill. He's been keeping his sexuality as a gay man his top secret ever since he discovered his sexual preference in his teenage years. Independently, he runs into Ganghyuk at his favourite bar on one weekend. Ganghyuk Choi, the general headquarters manager of a conglomerate, is a perfect man with an outstanding appearance, business mind, manners, and class. Joowon, thinking Ganghyuk would never find out who he is, ends up having a one-nighter... "Is this emotion right now... some sort of love...?" "This is a flame that will go off sooner or later, just a passion and lust, not love. Game-of-tag romance between Ganghyuk, who thinks it's love, and Joowon, who says it's a delusion, begins.



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Youngran Lee

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New Release: Jul 19, 2024 (JST)

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