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Sweet Home Sweet

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Mashiro is kind, works in an office, and she's secretly living together with Takato, who she has feelings for.
After she finds him homeless on the street for some mysterious reason, she takes him in.
She spends her days happily, but there's something bothering her.
That would be the fact that Mashiro and Takato make love... and they haven't even said they like one another.
But, if she asks him how he feels, he might decide to move out.
In contrast to the worrying Mashiro, how does Takato feel about all this...?They're living together and knocking boots, but are both of them unaware that they're actually lovey-dovey!?
This is an everyday comforting youthful love story filled with throbbing hearts dedicated to all of our hard-working readers


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Sweet Home Sweet

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