"I'm just taking back what was already mine." 12-year-old Jaehyun was a very possessive and competitive child. He was only satisfied after doing and obtaining everything he wanted, by any means. To Jaehyun, the housekeeper's son, Eunhae, was the first person he wanted to possess. One day, after hearing that Eunhae would be moving far away, Jaehyun pushed Eunhae down the stairs with his twisted desire to possess him. Due to the accident, Eunhae loses his memory, and Jaehyun experiences a great shock after seeing him in a near-death state. From then on, Jaehyun starts to fear his own desires. Seventeen years of living a lazy life pass by, and Jaehyun's father drags Jaehyun to his company and introduces him to his mentor, Eunhae! Unleashed by his encounter with Eunhae after 17 years, Jaehyun's locked-up desires start to race out of control.



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