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Keigo Misaki works backstage on play productions. For some reason, he continuously gets dumped by his girlfriends. After one such occasion, he discusses the situation with his colleague, Adachi, only to be teased about the fact that he can't seem to make the first move and ends up getting cheated on. However, Keigo is quickly distracted by Adachi's tattoo artist's fascinating aura when he walks into the bar.

Captivated by Mitsuki Hakiba, Keigo decides to get a tattoo from him. During their first session together, Keigo is wrought with nerves, unsure of whether it's from getting a tattoo, or from interacting with Mitsuki...

A love story that unfolds between a mysterious tattoo artist and a pure-hearted young man that all starts with a scar...Keigo Misaki can't seem to figure out why he continuously gets dumped by every girlfriend he's ever had. While Keigo is ranting to his colleague, Adachi, at a bar, someone else quickly catches Keigo's eye...


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Intelfin Inc.

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Yasashii Kizuato

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