I Was Born To Be Dominated - My Body Can't Resist Pleasure -

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Inai Naka


In this world, there are secondary genders in addition to male and female: those who wish to control, and those who wish to be controlled. Kyouhei's lived his entire life smugly believing he is the former. One day, he sees his classmate Chisato entering a motel with a man. Thinking he can use this as an opportunity to tease the gloomy Chisato, Kyouhei confronts him about it at school the next day... only to be met with Chisato coldly ordering him to "kneel." Kyouhei finds himself unable to defy Chisato's orders, from stripping to offering up his body for Chisato to do as he pleases with... and unexpectedly gets quite excited at what ensues. Through the interwoven pain and pleasure, the haughty and self - assured Kyouhei begins to discover his true nature that yearns to be controlled.


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author :

Inai Naka

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Shihaisareru Noga Ore no Saga Ikikuruyo ni Shitsukerareta Karada

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I Was Born To Be Dominated - My Body Can't Resist Pleasure - (1)

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August 30, 2023 (JST)
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