Every night, 16-year-old Kureha has a strange dream involving lilies, storms, and... her classmate Ginko as a bear?!? At school, Kureha's unassuming personality and looks render her practically invisible. Sometimes, it feels like no one notices her at all... until cute and energetic Ginko asks Kureha to talk privately one day during lunch. Maybe she really is a bear... or maybe she's just got a crush on Kureha!?


Yuri_MangaFantasySchool_LifeAnime/Movie from Manga Full Volume/Tankobon

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Akiko Morishima

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Japanese :

Yuri Kuma Arashi

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Yuri Bear Storm, Volume 1

Pages: 185

Yuri Bear Storm, Volume 2

Pages: 185

Yuri Bear Storm, Volume 3

Pages: 201

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