Public school science teacher Rinko Kanzaki spins in circles after the highly popular and skilled-at-his-job English teacher Haruomi Niwa tears her pamphlet apart and tells her to remake it.
Rinko's never gotten along with Haruomi...
however, the two are hiding their casual relationship from the school...! Even teachers have secrets they can't tell anyone!
Don't miss this bitter love story between a skilled, serious, and popular English teacher and his unskilled science teacher coworker!


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author :

kobato hatonashi

publisher :

Intelfin Inc.

Rating :


Japanese :

Seitoni Naishono Fujun Iseikoyu

Localization by :


Item List Current ch. 2 completed

New Release: Dec 3, 2023 (JST)

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Ms. Kanzaki Breaks Her Own Rules (1)

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Ms. Kanzaki Breaks Her Own Rules (2)

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