The Office Cougar

author :

Hon Toku


Yukichi Jimii is hopelessly in love with Shizujiro Harari, his boss who hates him. Every time the quiet and dull Yukichi makes a move on Shizujiro, Shizujiro calls him incompetent and tells him he loathes him. One day after returning from an apartment inspection, Yukichi comes across a secretly - taken photo of Shizujiro in a very compromising position. Yukichi sees this as his chance to make Shizujiro his and confronts him...


Yaoi_MangaSadistic_BoyfriendBusinessmenLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Hon Toku

publisher :

KiR comics

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Japanese :

Office no Hyo

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The Office Cougar (1)

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