Mai may be single, but she's happy just fangirling over a hot - guy character in one of her games. Nobody at work knows about her secret life as a cosplayer. One day at a cosplay event, she meets a mysterious hot guy named Haru. Apparently, Haru's a long - time fan of Mai's, and once they get to chatting, they realize just how much they have in common. The mood is feeling right, and when the formerly mild - mannered Haru goes in for a kiss, the inexperienced Mai can't help melting into a puddle. In an attempt to hold Mai responsible for his feelings for her, Haru begins rubbing her all over... Haru turns out to be a wild animal, and he's made Mai his prey! What's even more shocking is when Haru turns up at Mai's office as her new boss! He's ready to clock out early for some fun... Mai's in for a secret office romance with her sophisticated bad boy of a new man!


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author :

Yomiko Oko

publisher :

Iproduction Co. Ltd.

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Japanese :

Kao ga Yoi Warumotejoshi no Ijiwaruai ni Oboresodesu

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