Getting To Hear Prince Lion's Voice Live [Plus Renta! - Only Bonus]

author :

Yura Miyazawa


Mutsumi Igarashi is a punk who works at a convenience store. For some reason, the hot regular, Hayato Kuzumi, picks on him whenever he goes into the store. Hayato's criticisms drive Mutsumi up the wall, so to soothe himself, he listens to Prince Lion's voice in his favorite romance game for girls. Just as Mutsumi is fretting over anyone finding out about his guilty pleasure, his phone breaks. His coworker, Tsubasa Kazami, hooks him up with a part - time cleaning job for money to buy a new phone. However, his new boss turns out to be Hayato! One afternoon at Hayato's place, Mutsumi stumbles upon Prince Lion merch! What's Hayato doing with it!?

Includes a bonus page for Renta! users!


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author :

Yura Miyazawa

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Japanese :

Yankikun ni Gohobi Namaboisu

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Getting To Hear Prince Lion's Voice Live [Plus Renta! - Only Bonus]

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July 15, 2023 (JST)
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