Two brothers, whose fates have been switched!The story of warriors that walk in darkness!!Chun Chu was known as "The Child of the Demon" and was said to destroy the Empire and kill his parents.He was supposed to die, but after surviving, he returns to his homeland where his twin older brother, Eulpaso, inherits the throne. However, no one welcomes him.Pasa, who he met on his way back, was the only person that pitied him... However, she was promised to become his older brother's wife!In order to kill Chun Chu, Eulpaso hires the White Brigade and Chun Chu and his comrades continue their desperate battle to survive...Amazing art! Immersive story! The legend of Dark Fantasy has been revived into a webtoon!!



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Sungjae Kim

art :

Byungjin Kim

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Item List Current ch. 48 completed

New Release: Jun 16, 2024 (JST)

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