Everyone has memories of their first love. For DongHa, however, his first love only ended in regret. In high school, DongHa's feelings were reciprocated by his crush SungWu, but DongHa avoided his first love for fear for losing his friends if they found out about his sexuality. It wasn't until later that he tried to express his true feelings, but by then SungWu had disappeared from his life. As DongHa remains remorseful of hurting his first love,One day he receives a package from SungWu. Inside is a novel titled, "Memories of Sorrow from Gyeongseong." After reading the book, DongHa finds himself sucked into its fictional world And there he meets novel's version of SungWu. This time, DongHa vows to never lose his first love again... Two lovers reunited during the Japanese occupied Korea, will they be able to find each other this time?



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