A thrilling fantasy that transcends the time and space of two men and a nine tailed fox! Sungwoo, the third-generation billionaire, opens a jewelry box that his grandfather left behind as a heirloom and wakes up Bi, the nine tailed fox, who was locked up inside. It's absurd that a men appeared from the marble, and he came from the Joseon Dynasty?! Sungwoo soothes outrageous Bi with difficulty and asks his cousin Yoosung for help. Although Yoosung was born rich and has never been greedy, he feels a strong possessiveness for the first time after he met Bi. So instead of troubled Sungwoo, Yoosung takes Bi to his house. A severe triangle love story begins now!



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Mina Jeong

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Item List Current ch. 43 completed

New Release: Jun 6, 2024 (JST)

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