The Monster & The Ghost

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Tsubaki Koton, feared as a monster and misunderstood by everyone, is a solitary student.
Since his first day at the new high school he transferred into, his violent outbursts have been attracting attention.
But, he's accepted his fate that no matter what he does, his actions will backfire on him.

One day, Tsubaki encounters Kabuto Yuuki, whose jewel―like eyes sparkle so beautifully it takes his breath away.
Thanks to Kabuto, who understands the feared Tsubaki's true intentions, the hardened heart that had become jaded gradually starts to melt...

However, Kabuto is a ghost. He no longer exists in this world.

A sad and pure love story between a solitary high school student people call a monster and a stunningly beautiful ghost.


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Brite Publishing

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Monster and Ghost

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