"There's a cupid at school who'll make your love wishes come true!" That's the rumor behind Umetaro "Ume" Fukurai, the only son of a lauded marriage agency.
He's successfully set up 99 couples, and is ready to hit his 100th and become the next generation head... At least, that's how it was supposed to go down!
His 100th request has him forced to get close to the prince of the school, Tomo Nakano, but as Ume does, he witnesses a vicious rejection.
As an excuse to get rid of the girl, the Prince suddenly kisses Ume!
Not only has Ume lost his chance at that 100th successful couple and his clients' trust, but he has his first kiss stolen!
What will he do now!?


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Non Nanato

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Itomete Inuite Koi wo Shite

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