The Boy Bride Is At The Mercy Of God [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

author :

Non Nanato


Natsuki lost his parents at a young age and lives in the Kamimae home, where his cousin works in a Shinto shrine. However, it's tradition that once every 200 years, the Kamimae family must marry off one of their members to the neighboring Kaminiwa family, or else disaster will happen.

Another 200 years have passed, but to the shock of the Kamimaes, the bride―to―be has disappeared! Fully prepared and desperate to help his adopted family, Natsuki announces that he'll step in to be the bridal candidate!

A fired―up Natsuki goes to meet his groom, who turns out to be the kind, smiling Rokusuke... who has a 3―year―old named Nori! From then on, the always―hardworking outsider Natsuki, the freewheeling Rokusuke, and the pure, innocent Nori begin their new life together...

Includes a one―page bonus manga!


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Non Nanato

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The Boy Bride Is At The Mercy Of God [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

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