Reunited By Chance

author :

Sakae Hiraku


Six years ago, Eito's only friend, Nanase, kissed him... before vanishing from his life. Rumor quickly spread that Nanase had found his fated pair. After repeatedly dreaming about the winter day Nanase uprooted himself from Eito's life, Eito rings up none other than Nanase at his work cash register! Nanase is the same person he was in high school, but as soon as Eito broaches the subject of his supposed fated pair over dinner with him that night, Nanase slams his fist onto the table! Eito agrees to participate in his clinical research trial, but finds himself going into heat, even though he's a beta... Could Nanase's trial have something to do with it...?
Will omegaverse fate swoop in on this alpha and beta's reunion!?


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author :

Sakae Hiraku

publisher :

Kaikan Club

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Japanese :

Ummei Tariuru Bokura no Hanashi

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